Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'm There!

After five weeks of training, I'm officially a flight attendant. Hopefully there will be no more observation flights in my near future. I find them to be overly intimidating. I'm never quite sure whether I should be deferring to the check flight attendant, or just going about my job like I know how.

I flew two observation flights to Las Vegas on Saturday and Sunday and was constantly second guessing myself. Yesterday I flew an overnight to Chicago without a hitch, and tomorrow it's off to New York.

Coming home from Chicago, I did get the lecture from the "senior mama" about the need for unionization and a contract. She's been flying for 11 years and has everything figured out. After talking for nearly an hour in the back galley, I was running out of polite ways to defer comment. While I don't hold anything against good old union supporters, I am amused by the way they all seem to venerate the possibility of a contract - like it's a gleaming gold scroll that will protect them from all injustice and plain, old-fashioned hard work.

But hey, I'm just the FNG.

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