Thursday, October 18, 2007

Graduation Day

I have my wings! During an FAA mandated graduation ceremony, my wings were pinned on by my favorite aunt and traveling inspiration. Naturally, the ceremony was followed by a cake and punch reception in the lunch room.

The path toward my wings was interesting, exciting, and trying at times. I fought fire, defended myself against hulking members of the Aurora City police force, served beverages from a cart throughout the HR and Executive offices, evacuated a mock up of an Airbus using two different exits, applied AED pads and administered CPR to a plasticized six year old, and passed nearly 30 tests with a 90% or better, among other things.

I still have to pass my Initial Operating Experience with another flight attendant standing over my shoulder marking a checklist while I do my job in the air, but I'm almost there. I can't wait to move past this step and get to the real flying part of the job. I'm looking forward to going to work and knowing that I'll be leaving my trainers and managers 39,000 feet below me and several thousand miles behind me. I do value my independence after all.

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