Friday, June 5, 2009

Make the Leap Frontier

With a name like Frontier Airlines, you'd expect the company to be on the leading edge of the industry. Quite a firestorm has kicked off due to their absence from social media networks. After one bad experience, entrepreneur and social media guru Andrew Hyde took things into his own hands. He created a Twitter account (@frontierair) and started monitoring and responding to Frontier customers' comments. He was clear from the beginning that @frontierair was a fan account, not managed by anyone at Frontier. Things came to a head and Andrew offered to turn the account over to Frontier's communications department so they could take up the torch and communicate directly with their customers. Shockingly, Frontier refused. Here's the beginning of the story:, the middle:, nearing the end:, and what story would be complete without the final word: And the buzz is spreading:

Although it took 10,000 page views of Andrew's post before Frontier was moved to respond, it behooves them to reconsider their "no interacting with customers outside of the already existing @frontiersale and @frontierstorm" policy.

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