Tuesday, July 1, 2008

How Do You Like That?

I spent a wonderful long weekend in New York City with my aunt and brother. We laughed, we dined, we drank, we bonded. This was a much needed respite from my flying schedule. The month of June was particularly taxing -- lots of flight hours, long trips, many nights away from home, and the beginning of the summer vacation season.

As I'm walking up to our front door, I notice a priority mail envelop tucked under the welcome mat. My pulse does a little jig as I notice the return address is from one of the PR firms I had sent my resume to.

Irony? Coincidence? Call it what you will, but the very PR firm I was trying to get in with also represents my airline. And wouldn't you know it? The envelop contains not the brilliant job offer my delusion of grandeur would lead me to believe, but notice that in two months, I will be laid off from my current position.

Now that's a fine welcome home, thanks for your hard work! Ah well, my life of leisure is over. Perhaps I'll find a better outlet for my problem solving skills sooner than later. I mean really, you've seen one duplicate seat assignment, you've seen them all.

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