Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Quick Overview

Just because it's been over a month since my last post doesn't mean I've run out of material. Here's the last month rolled into a few observations...

Three weeks ago -- Something's not right if you're opening your bottle of Two Buck Chuck (1.99 from the Orange County Trader Joe's for the record) with a cork screw that cost 5.99.

Two weeks ago -- Something's not right if you look like Larry the Cable Guy, except you're sporting a rocking mullet instead of a shiny pate, you're thirty years old, traveling with your older brother, and he's outfitted as your identical twin. Perhaps, coming from Las Vegas, you were out there for a bad plaid convention.

One week ago -- Something's not right when someone who is constantly being followed by a dark cloud of doom is able to attract a partner and procreate with them. Perhaps it's the weather in Detroit, but there was no need to complain about the state of the lavatory sink after you had already cleaned it or snap in my face, "I hope I don't miss my connection," as you were exiting the plane even though we had arrived ten minutes early.

This morning (if you can call this side of the sunrise morning) -- Something's not right if you roll over to see that the digital readout says 3:45 and think, "Sweet! I still have fifteen minutes to sleep!"

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