Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Now That's Refreshing

Am I capable of opening a door for myself? Yes. Is it nice when someone opens a door for me on occasion? Yes. In a world that is seemingly more introverted and/or self-absorbed, even little common courtesies go a long way. Seriously, peek into the local coffee shop. How many people are staring at a screen or sitting there with ear phones jammed in their ears? Now how many are actually sitting with at least one other person engaged in conversation?

My refreshing moment came as I was leaving Norlin Library this morning and someone actually looked over their shoulder as they were opening the door, saw someone approaching, and stepped aside to let them through the door first. Granted, nice door holder dude had the tell-tale white cord that traveled from his pocket and terminated at the ear buds in his ears, but it's encouraging. Right?

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