Monday, April 26, 2010

New inspiration

Since my last post, I've had the fun of going on several trips. From baby sniffles in Omaha and the thwack of clubs driving balls toward the pin in Escondido to crows holding court over Bunratty Castle in Ireland, cawing to greet the sunrise, sunset and wandering tourists.

Thanks to a Designing the Photograph class at Boulder Digital Arts, I'm onto a new inspiration. When the instructor recommended writing about the practice of photography, more than just captions, but using words to describe the content as well as process, I thought, "Now this is up my alley."

A photo of the day could be fun. There are so many factors to consider when shooting. I'm always convinced my shots will turn out better than they do. The class opened my eyes to the theory behind great photos--easy to understand, tricky to execute.

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