Wednesday, September 10, 2008

GQ Man on the RTD Bus

An RTD bus friend and I were talking about our most mindless jobs today and he springs this one on me.

"Well, I guess my most brainless job had to be when I was a male model in college," he said after half a second of reflection.

"For art classes?" I asked, trying to imagine my near-retirement, non-profit administering friend as a nude model for a forms class.

"No, it was more runway stuff for men's clothing," he explained as we disembarked.

Snapping open cans of Coke and purveying beverages with a cocktail napkin tucked neatly beneath while maintaining corporeal balance at 38,000 feet in a metal tube pressurized to 9,000 feet can't hold a candle to that occupation. Admittedly, both are glamour-filled, but I didn't get nearly the number of cat calls as my friend did.

"My friends took to calling me GQ because I would get free clothes from my modeling gigs," he said with a squint of a grin on his face.

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Susan M. said...

Hey lady!!! I just discovered your blog and had a great time traveling back through time to the beginning of this adventure!

We miss you - we're down to 28 classmates...but we're hanging in there! You can read about my adventures at

Hugs & Kisses,