Friday, December 21, 2007

A Perfect Day in San Diego

Finally! I used my travel benefits to spend a day with my brother in San Diego last week. I flew in at 10:30 Thursday morning and flew back out at 8:00 that night.

We started the day with lunch dockside at the harbor. It was wonderful. We ate out on the patio in the golden sunshine, which was an extra special treat since it was 12 degrees in Denver when I left that morning. After lunch we wandered around the shops and stopped into the Harley store where I bought Dad his requisite tank top.

Brian took me to see his apartment and meet his new roommate (who actually pays rent and doesn't eat his groceries). After seeing his new digs, Brian drove me past his hospital and then up the coast along the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH if you're a local).

I made a polite request to meet his former roommate to see if he would live up to all of my preconceived notions. Boy, did he! Ty-Baby is more than just a character, he's the star of his own one-man cartoon. After a half-hour monologue about the latest dramas in Tyler's life, we were on our way on the PCH again headed for Encinitas.

We stopped in at E-Street coffee (you guessed it, on E St. in Encinitas) for some warm beverages that we sipped as we strolled along Moonlight Beach. It was breathtaking. Sheer cliffs drop down to about 50 feet of smooth, flat, moist beach that is swallowed up by high tide. We were there as the sun was setting and it was simply gorgeous.

If that wasn't enough, Brian took me to the Self-Actualization garden up on the cliffs that overlook Moonlight Beach. Every inch of the garden is drenched in rich foliage. I was surprised by the number of people seeking self-actualization in the garden along with us, but it was still serene and peaceful due to the thick blanket of plants and flowers.

We ended our day with dinner at the Chart House, right on the water just off the PCH. The lobster bisque was to die for...imagine eating lobster flavored cream by the spoonful, yum. For dinner, we dined on giant sea scallops and a mixed grill platter of shrimp, salmon, and crab cakes. And for dessert we slipped our spoons into a molten chocolate lava cake that had to be ordered with dinner so they could prepare it fresh just for us.

After our jam-packed perfect day, Brian scooted me up to the airport in his little Black Miata (top up this time) with 20 minutes to spare.

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